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small bathroom storage

Small bathroom storage tricks

More and more customers ask for help with small bathroom storage space, particularly when it’s their main family bathroom; There’s a lot of ‘stuff’ to organise and keep tidy.

Worry not; there are all sorts of tricks to help use your slim space to your best advantage.

Use the space underneath your bathroom furniture

There are a couple of pieces of bathroom furniture you need to have, such as a WC and a basin. So, create storage space underneath or around them using cleverly designed bathroom furniture.

The basin is one of the most versatile bathroom pieces, so use this to your advantage. Counter-top or semi-countertop gives a stylish and practical storage solution.

Go upwards 

Small bathrooms might not have the square footage, but all bathrooms have four walls; use your vertical space for extra storage space.

Vanity units with deep drawers

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Couple a deep draw with a separate storage box. This storage box is on wheels, so it’s easy to roll out then neatly tuck away again underneath. Use for bathroom linen, or even as a space-saving substitute for a laundry basket.

Compact basin plus cupboard

small bathroom storage idea uses a compact basin with storage underneath

We love this clever option for small bathroom storage. It uses less floor space by running the longest edge of the basin along the wall. There’s a deep cupboard below it, as well as some lovely surface space next to the basin. 

Slim fit counter-top basin with wall-hung WC

Back to Wall Cistern from Bathroom Warehouse, Winchester

For an organised, neat appearance, integrate a slim-fit basin into a vanity unit. Wall-hunging your WC alongside the basin will give your bathroom a sleek look, while also creating a ledge on top for additional storage.

Mirror cabinets


Use a mirrored cabinet for more storage space, while the mirror also gives the wonderful illusion of space in a small bathroom. You can choose a demister pad and LED lights for added usefulness.

Hanging shelves

Bathroom Accessories from Bathroom Warehouse, Winchester

Hanging shelves, floating shelves or cubby holes are a great way to store and display items. We’ve used candles for ours, but you could put more practical items here too. It’s always worth using accessories to open up space in your bathroom.   

Small bathroom storage units

For the ultimate in decluttering, convert a bathroom wall into a fitted storage unit. This is a great way to ensure every inch is well-used, while quality wood and muted tones gives a sumptuous, luxurious look.  
The fitted storage units have the added benefit of a surface ledge, so you can display bathroom items you don’t want to tidy away; like your toothbrush, handcream or prettier items like candles or vases.

Small bathroom storage space

For very small bathrooms

If your bathroom is particularly tiny, it could be worth exploring a wet room. These still give you a fully functioning bathroom, but without a proper shower cubicle. More about whether a wet room is right for you, or take a look at our wet room design board for some inspiration. 

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Small bathroom storage can be all about clever design and using the most useful pieces of furniture. Visit our Winchester showroom with your bathroom measurements and our knowledgeable team can help you.

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