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wet rooms are great options for small bathrooms

Key trends: wet rooms

With property space at such a premium, wet rooms are more popular than ever, providing a functioning bathroom for small or awkward spaces.

What is a wet room?

Wet rooms are shower rooms without any glass partitions around the shower and without a tray underneath. The concept is to be able to put a shower anywhere, using appropriate drainage in the floor.

Why choose a wetroom?

  • More flexibility with awkward or small spaces
  • Gives a bathroom option for extended family or guests to maintain their privacy
  • Easier to clean
  • Accessible shower for children and those with low mobility

Is a wet room right for you?

Wet rooms are still such a popular option. In Winchester in particular, there are quite a few Victorian homes with downstairs bathrooms. Many modern families convert these into wet rooms, which they then use to wash the children after a day’s activities.


We also find Winchester and the surrounding area has a higher proportion of loft conversions; wet rooms lend themselves well to this sort of space, as the sloped ceilings can make a shower cubicle awkward to fit.



One of the main considerations for your wetroom is making sure it’s water-tight.


Care needs to be taken when designing and installing your room to ensure there’s no chance of water damage to your home. There are three ways to do this:


  1. A membrane hidden beneath the floor and wall tiles
  2. A purpose-made wet room base, which are purchased whole and also fitted beneath the tiles
  3. Concealed tray with drainage, which gives a wetroom look


We mostly opt for option two or three, which are most reliable and cost-effective. Another precaution you can take is to raise the door a little. It ensures water stays inside the room in case the drain gets blocked.


Floor & wall tiles

Wet rooms are very often smaller spaces, so matching the floor and wall tiles adds to the feeling of openness and sense of space. Bearing that in mind, it’s not practical to go for anything that could be slippery to walk across.

Mosaic tiles or asymmetrical patterns are also an excellent choice for adding depth and character to your room.


Under floor heating

Wet rooms can understandably be really quite wet after showering. Underfloor heating helps to dry out the room quickly while creating a lovely warm environment with that sumptuous feeling of warmth underfoot.


What size should the room be

A wet room can be any size, but we they make a great choice for small or awkwardly shaped bathrooms.


Pros & Cons

Wet rooms aren’t for everyone, but in our opinion offer an excellent bathroom alternative for the modern family. Housetohome cover pros and cons in this wetroom article, or for design inspiration, have a look at our wet room design board. 


If you decide a wetroom isn’t for you, you might still be interested in a shower. Here you have the openness and space with not having a cubicle, but it’s not as open so your bathroom stays dry.

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