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Bathroom Accessories

Add some personality to your bathroom design with some carefully chosen accessories. Sometimes it’s the detail that makes the difference.

Many of our bathroom suites come with matching soap dishes, tumblers, shelves and mirrors


If you use the bathroom mirror regularly, particularly for detailed things like make-up, choose one of our LED illuminated mirrors for plenty of extra light.

These look stunning, but they’re practical too, and integrated shaver sockets mean you’ll never need to worry about your electric toothbrush running out of charge again.

Shallow vanity unit

Towel Rail and chrome bath

Towel Rails &Traditional Radiators

A good way to warm your bathroom is to use a heated towel rail, which saves the need for a separate radiator.
We love the flawless look of flat ladder panels, made from hard-wearing chrome; these are a sleek and modern option to complete your bathroom, and come with slim and wide options.
We find many of our customers also like a traditional radiator and towel rail.
These are the perfect touch for an elegant, classic bathroom style, while also saving space by combining the towel rail and source of heat.


Adding personality to your bathroom design can be done with a range of accessories that can be found in our showroom.

Our collection ranges from Soap dishes, Soap dispensers, Robe hooks, Toilet Brushes, Mounted shelves and many many more.

Bathroom Accessories

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