Toilet & Bidet


As the most regularly used piece of bathroom furniture, your WC plays an important role in your bathroom or cloakroom.

That’s why all of ours are built to last, with super water-efficiency options too.

When Choosing your WC-

Contemporary, traditional, space-saving or design statement; your WC should give you the right balance of power and aesthetics.
There are different options depending on your available space and overall bathroom ambience.

As in the picture, traditional styles make a wonderful design statement.
Bathroom Warehouse is an exclusive stockist for Thomas Crapper, known for their quintessentially British designs.

Thomas Crapper

A few High or Low-Level WC’s from our Thomas Crapper collection

wall hang wc


For a sleek and modern look, a wall-hung WC offers fuss-free, minimalistic design.
– Wall-hung WC’s are a minimalist choice for both their appearance and ease of cleaning.
– They’re attached to the wall using a robust, fully tested frame, which also conceals the cistern.
– Wall-hung WC’s float above the ground and because they reveal more floor space, they create the illusion of a bigger bathroom, which makes them a wonderful choice for smaller spaces.
– They’re a practical choice too. The floor underneath is left clear, so cleaning is incredibly easy with no awkward areas to reach.
– You can also set the wall height at a level that’s right for you, which works well for those less mobile.


Creating a minimalist, modern look; these WC’s are attached to the floor for simple installation.

You can achieve an open, feeling of space similar to the wall-hung option, but these WC’s offer a simpler installation, because they don’t need a frame fitted into the wall and most commonly used with runs of fitted furniture.

Concealed cistern toilet

Close coupled wc vitra


The most popular choice for many family bathrooms, with the cistern attached to the toilet pan.

They’re particularly quick to install, and most come with dual or eco flushes. If you’re looking for a like-for-like swap, these make an excellent choice.

All of our close-coupled WC’s are available with a rimless option, making it effortless to keep hygienic with no awkward ridges to clean.


We’re one of the few showrooms in Hampshire to display this type of WC. Its cutting edge digital design makes personal hygiene simple and easy.

Convenient for personal cleansing, our Vitra electric toilet comes with a remote control to set your preferred cleansing option. There’s an integrated sensor, so the lid lifts up upon nearby movement.

*V-care WC pan has won the ‘Best of the Best’ award and ‘Seals of Approval’ for product quality, design, user comfort and functionality, awarded in 2016 at Germany’s Plus X Awards.

v-care bidet vitra