Bathroom Trends

Here at The Bathroom Warehouse Winchester, we are proud to be the number one supplier of bathroom furniture and accessories in Winchester. We are always striving to source the best products in the market, allowing you to keep up with bathroom trends to suite whatever your style is; Whether you are looking for Baths, Showers, Wet rooms, Radiators, Tiles or Bathroom accessories

Achieving YOUR unique look


Achieving the right look is the aim of every bathroom design. Be it a large or small bathroom, featuring traditional or modern finishes, here at The Bathroom Warehouse we are committed to helping you find your unique look, with a team of experts at hand to provide all the best information and guidance for you to find your style.

When choosing your bathroom, there are a few things to consider including, colour, cabinet styles, mirrors, tiles, accessories and of course showers or baths.

With our diverse range of suppliers and displays, featuring both modern and traditional styles, you are sure to find what best suites you.

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Basins to match

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The right basin, really ties together your bathroom design. There is a huge range to choose from when considering Basins, here at The Bathroom Warehouse, we have a massive selection to choose from.

We have recently introduced to our showroom versatile and incredibly durable concrete sinks boasting raw natural beauty. Being of similar composition to natural stone, an array of colours and shapes can be cast; meaning the possibilities of bespoke finishes are endless.

Due to the versatility of concrete sinks, they are ideal for all bathrooms; large or small, they can be wall mounted or fit standard to base units to accentuate the natural beauty of the stone finish.

Whether you are looking for classically styled round basins, double bowl basins or more bespoke shapes, concrete basins work well in modern or traditional spaces. Visit our showroom to view our new collection

Hygiene focused Toilets & Bidets


Hygiene in the bathroom is key. Here at the Bathroom Warehouse, we have recently been introducing to our showroom, toilets with an integrated bidet function; to provide gentle and thorough personal water-based cleaning, whilst also reducing toilet paper usage.
With the Aqua Care Hygiene glaze, available as standard, a new level of personal and bathroom hygiene becomes easily achievable by all our customers.
The new Aquacare range, with the uniquely designed, integrated air breaker protects the household supply of drinking water from
contamination, in accordance with the EN1717 regulations.
Sold as a complete set, installing an Aquacare range of toilets is fast and simple.
The integrated air-breaker requires no electrical connection
and works purely by hydraulic action.
Within the Aquacare range, the Sento, M-Line and Integra collections
comes with a choice of either an integrated thermostatic
stop valve or a non-thermostatic wall-mounted stop valve.

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Tiles to complete the look


Tiles are a great way to tie together the design aspects of your bathroom and really personalise the space. As with every aspect of design, the consideration of colour, textures and finishes.

Here at The Bathroom Warehouse we have an amazing collecting of tiles in a variety of finishes, ranging from; Marble, Textured, Matted or Gloss. All in an array of colours to ensure you will find the look and finish the best suites your unique design

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