We understand a new bathroom can become a big project to manage, so we do our best to make it as easy as possible for you.
To help guide you through what happens next, below are the most common questions our customers ask us.

How Does It Work?

You choose your bathroom furniture and accessories and we’re on hand to help you while you decide what works best for you. We’ll help with designing your bathroom if you need it, using 3d drawings.

When you’ve settled on what you’d like, you place your order with us. That’s one order for all bathroom items. We then place individual orders with each supplier and organise delivery to our warehouse in Winchester.

Once we have all of the delivery dates confirmed, we’ll let you know the date we expect all of your bathroom items to be available. We can then deliver them to you directly, or your bathroom fitter (or you can collect them from us.)

Who Fits My New Bathroom?

You take away our list of recommended fitters and installers to call and make arrangements with.

This list has been curated over 30 years; it includes only reliable, tidy and timely tradespeople who deliver quality workmanship. We have a great relationship with all of them and can work together during your project.

Will It Fit?

If you’re remodelling your whole bathroom and buy from us, then yes it will. We use 3d drawings to design every centimetre of your bathroom. We’ll go through all of your options to make sure your bathroom fits and functions perfectly.

While you’re choosing bathroom furniture – whether a remodel or just updating one or two pieces, the key thing is to come along with your measurements. If you’re not particularly handy with the tape measure, we can recommend bathroom fitters to help make sure everything’s correct.

How Long Does It Take?

Every customer is different and every bathroom is different. Our suppliers are also varied in their lead times and approach to manufacturing. It’s much better for us to talk to you individually about your project.

Visit The Bathroom Warehouse Winchester to get started on your exciting project. Our expert designers are always available to help.